Love: Getting it Right

Hello Everyone,

Jane Pauley was on the Today Show speaking about “Your Life’s Calling.”She featured Michael Allen, a 53 yr.. old golfer who started playing on the tour when he was a much younger man but could not make a living at the game, couldn’t even buy health insurance for his family.  He faced reality, quit the game and took a menial job at a golf club…..

After many years, friends who knew he had potential backed him financially and told him he should give his dream another try.  His wife asked him one huge question…..what are you going to do different this time….so he changed everything!

He read the book “Mind Gym”  (which I’ve already ordered) he also hired a “swing coach and began a new workout program. He adopted a new attitude, to become decisive instead of being right.   It worked…..he won the first tournament he played and the next….and is now one of the top golfers on the senior tour.

How many people become their best in their 50’s?  But the big difference is that he knew he could not play the game the same as before.  He needed a make over.

  • He changed his mental game.
  • He changed his physical workout.
  • He changed his approach to the game.

Jane Pauley was asked which one of the changes made the biggest difference, she believed it was his mental game.

This blog is about love….how does this relate?

How many of us keep trying to find the “right” relationship, doing the same things as we did in the last relationship, dating the same types of men/women only to end the same way and very disappointed?

Who wouldn’t be happier or better we just decided to change some things?  It could be the “type” of person you’re attracted to.  Hiring a “counselor”  and talk about your bad choices, behaviors or decisions.  Are you stuck because of past relationships?  Do you hold back on expressing yourself, never letting your partner know you or how you feel?  Working out is always a healthy choice. It gives us more self-esteem, it feels great and could open our possibilities to whom we’re attracted to. Change is hard!  Looking inside ourselves and honestly evaluating who we are is a great place to start.

There’s a plethora of information about relationships on the web, in books, on TV, workshops, etc……but if you keep getting it wrong….at some point you’ve got to look in the mirror and ask your self….”what am I going to do different this time?”

Enjoy!  Life is better with Love!


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